Corporate LMS Solution

Incorporate ilearnbay for a streamlined and seamless learning experience

ilearnbay, a comprehensive corporate Learning Management System equipped with advanced AI-driven business technology and tools curated to solve the critical training challenges of an organization resulting in optimized learning experiences.

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Corporate LMS Solution

To drive digital transformation in your corporate training efforts with an improved ROI


ilearnbay provides the administrator ability to customize their own learning path or a structured training curriculum towards achieving the learning goal.


ilearnbay facilitates grouping and differentiating the users based on their roles and responsibilities from the administrator, and learner, to the instructor.


Keep your users engaged with seamless navigation throughout the solution. The clutter-free design features reduce the time and effort required to manage the learning performance.


Incorporated with AES 256 encryption algorithm to encrypt and secure content on the platform to keep the information safe from data theft and viral threats.


Get a bird-eye view on the entire learning process with the detailed reporting and the dashboard feature of ilearnbay.


Leveraging effective video tools for an enriched learning experience with features that include access to associated files, offline documents, captions, and metadata.


Deliver industry-specific corporate training solutions with ilearnbay

ilearnbay is the industry-specific Learning Management System dedicated to meet every unique training need of an organization, from corporate, non-profits, finance, government, retail to healthcare.


From tech-based upskilling to demand-based reskilling, ilearnbay, the corporate LMS identify knowledge gaps for improvement

Build a well-informed and trained workforce with ilearnbay that caters to the organization’s unique learning needs and the demands of the millennial IT workforce. The unified platform automates assessments and provides high-visibility on the ongoing training with dynamic dashboards, custom reports, and synchronized analytics.

  • Easy integration with the existing CRM
  • Streamlined collaboration with review process
  • Rich and powerful content analytics
  • Reduced third party risks

Drive organizational growth with ilearnbay the cost-effective Learning Management System for your enterprise

Automate and upskill your workforce to stay ahead of the training goals. Our AI-powered and custom branded ilearnbay LMS platform is designed to address the fluctuating global markets and ongoing demands of the banking and non-banking finance industries.

  • Powerful automation for simplified administration
  • Address diverse training needs
  • Adapt to complex organizational structures and their needs
  • Compliance and regulation adherence

Overcome healthcare learning/training challenges and deliver mission-critical training on time with ilearnbay, the LMS solution

Incorporated with cutting-edge technologies, ilearnbay meets the ever-evolving medical regulations. The unified training platform assists training professionals across different geographic boundaries, significantly reducing the time and cost involved with physical training centres.

  • Adapt to ever-changing medical regulatories
  • Multitenancy support
  • Scale to an extended network of hospital
  • Optimized and automated for mobile devices

Transform your regular classroom session into an interactive learning experience with ilearnbay, the LMS solution.

Delivering a digital breakthrough for your educational institution with our state-of-the-art ilearnbay LMS. ilearnbay provides comprehensive support for education publishers with multi-channel content creation and distribution processes.

  • Built-in virtual classroom
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Tracking and management possibilities
  • Enhance student and teacher collaboration

Improve workforce efficiency at reduced training costs with ilearnbay, the SaaS LMS for a holistic and engaging learning experience

ilearnbay provides Government/NGO a powerful and flexible learning platform that scales beyond thousands of users without any effect on the performance to meet the learners’ needs. ilearnbay allows organizations to connect and deliver access to their users across global locations.

  • A centralized solution to train teams of any size.
  • Initiative interface with powerful features.
  • Adaptive and can be accessed on multiple devices.
  • Connect learners across every company’s location.

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ilearnbay - The one stop shop for all your employee training needs. Equip your workforce with the right skills to accomplish your business goals.


ilearnbay the LMS solution, empowers employee training with a personalized learning experience with features

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